How to set intentions for 2019

So many people set goals and fail.  They fail to lose the weight, make the money, buy the car or meet the person they set a goal to meet.  I understand because I’ve failed at those things so many times, but what if you approach 2019 differently?  What if you leave goal setting behind and set intentions instead?  Before you dismiss it, give me the rest of this post to convince you that intentions are so much better than goals.  Especially if you’re people oriented, intentions change your life.

How to set intentions

The difference in how to set goals and how to set intentions is simple.  Goals focus on outcome.  Intentions focus on mindful action.  Yes, some goals involve action.  A friend of mine recently completed 365 straight days of exercise.  He is proud of his achievement, and that suits his task-oriented brain.  This year, rather than setting an unrealistic goal like that, I joined a 31-day challenge with several women who either haven’t exercised in a while or who have chronic illness.  They all know from experience that exercise helps them mentally, physically and emotionally, but some days their body cannot do what they want it to do.  On those days, they do what they can and focus on feeling better rather than exercising or hurting themselves to meet a goal.  It may not seem like a big shift to a task-oriented person, but for a people-oriented person, this is huge.

Shifting from setting goals to setting intentions

Recently, I read a powerful quote about exercise.  It said that exercise is a celebration of what you can do, not a punishment for what you ate.  For some, that is the difference between wanting to exercise and wanting to avoid it at all costs.  Setting intentions rather than goals requires a perspective shift.  Instead of moving away from the things you dislike about your life, you move toward what you do want and who you must become to have, be or do that.  Instead of punishing yourself, refusing to eat food you love and pushing yourself to do exercise you dislike, you choose to eat foods and move in ways that make you feel good.  For some people, this is a totally new concept because they only know how to motivate themselves through criticism and self-abuse.  From my experience, that only works for a little while, which is why so many people fail.

How to set intentions for your best 2019

So how do you want to feel in 2019?  If you want to lose weight, why is that? Do you want to feel good in your skin?  Do you want to feel healthy and energetic?  Do you want to buy cute clothes and feel wonderful wearing them?  If you want to declutter your home, do you want a healthier living space? Would you like to have a home you love to walk in to?  If you want to make more money, set an intention to look at other sources of income and learn about wealth.  What will you do with your new wealth?  How will that feel?  If you need help with any of your intentions, I want to hear from you.  Email me at and let’s work together to make this year your best one so far.  In 2019, my intention is to help more people live their best life and let the rest go, so if you find this content helpful, please share it with your friends and sign up for our email community here:

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Welcome to 2019 and set your intentions well.