Easy to Follow
Holiday Timeline

Holiday timelines.  What are they and why should you have one?  Ever notice how some people glide through the holidays?  They remember everything.  They stay on budget. They look like they know what they’re doing at every turn.  Then there are the people who never seem to have it together.  They show up late for everything.  They’re overdone, cranky and completely disorganized.  I used to be one of those people.  I thought lists and timelines were for organized people who were way too boring and uptight, but guess what?  The people who benefit the most from lists and holiday timelines are usually the ones who resist them the most. If you feel like you would never be able to use a holiday timeline because it would stress you out and feel confining, I dare you to try this one.

Start your Holiday Timeline right now

Start your gift-giving list and plan for holiday sales. Gather photos, schedule a photo shoot, or plan to take a nice family photo at Thanksgiving for your holiday greeting cards.

Begin washing guest linens and tidying up the guest room/area if you have overnight visitors scheduled to stay with you.

Fourth Thursday in November – Happy Thanksgiving to all those in the USA

Holiday shopping – Enjoy getting your bargains and if the store offers complimentary gift wrapping, use it to save time later.  If you use the free gift-wrapping service, make a list of all items you purchase so you don’t have to rely on your memory later.

If you don’t use the complimentary free gift-wrapping service, set up your wrapping station.  If you haven’t ever used a wrapping station before, give this gift to yourself.  It makes gift wrapping so much easier, even if it is just a small table in the corner of a room.  I use a table in my basement.

Items to have at your wrapping station

Scissors, tape, ribbon, wrapping paper, bags for difficult to wrap gifts, gift tags, brown wrapping paper if you mail gifts.  Bonus tip – we used a specific wrapping paper that was different from all our other paper for Santa.  Because we purchased a rather large roll, we could use it year after year and our children instantly recognized “Santa paper”.

Post Thanksgiving weekend

Put up your artificial tree and begin decorating.  Spend time addressing cards while you watch TV or spend time with family.  Put your stockings up if you celebrate St. Nick night.

Order photo cards, if you haven’t already.  Write your family letter.  Make sure you have postage stamps and purchase your printed cards if you’re not using photo cards.

Early December Holiday Timeline

Make your baking list for the holidays.  If you haven’t purchased your baking supplies, now is the time.  Check out the book Happiest Holidays for simple and delicious baking and gift ideas.

Check your St. Nick supplies.  Need some stocking ideas?  Watch for my upcoming article on What to Put in Your Young Adult’s Stocking and check out Board Games for College Students for some great gift ideas.

Mid December Holiday Timeline

Finish your online shopping so your gifts arrive on time, and you have time to wrap them. 

Finish your menu plan if you haven’t already and purchase your non-perishable items.

Finish your shopping.


If this timeline is helpful, please print your own copy here, and sign up for the Moving Toward Better community and get your chance to get the Happiest Holidays bundle at a discounted price and have your happiest and most peaceful holiday season ever!  Remember to live your best life and let the rest go.