Board Games for College Students

In case you didn’t know, board games are making a big comeback on college campuses. Game nights with board games are more and more common, and some college bars have board game nights during the week.  Here are some favorite board games of the college set. Click on any of the links or pictures below to add to your college student’s or your own board game collection.

Favorite Board Game and Game of the Year

What’s the best way to find out which board games are best for college students?  Ask them.  That’s what I did.  I asked my own college student children and their friends which games they liked best and this is their list.  It was no surprise that Catan was at the top of that list.

We started with the basic version but quickly realized we wanted the 5 and 6 person extension, so now we recommend people start with that and save themselves the hassle later on. Also, because each game is different based on a player’s preferences and luck of the draw, the game stays interesting. Catan has been awarded game of the Year and Game of the Century in Germany, the United States and other countries around the world.

When Board Games are the Best

What happens when you have a great idea for a board game?  Everyone copies it, unless you copy it first.  That’s where Catan Extension: Seafarers comes in.  The Seafarer’s edition of the popular Catan Settlers board game takes to the seas.

And you really know you’ve got a hit when your game has its own accessories.  For Catan there is the simple card tray organizer or for those who love to organize their game pieces, the Settler’s game piece organizer.  Any way you look at it, the Catan series of games is extremely popular.

Not exactly a Board Game

Although this post is mostly about board games, it is also about frank and rather sarcastic college students.  Do you know any college students who find humor in the darker side of life?  Than, Cards Against Humanity is definitely for them.

This is one of those games that my children tell me to steer clear of, lest I lose my unwavering faith in humanity.  My children see humor in situations I cannot, and because of that, I share their recommendation without further comment.

Believe me Now?

The description of this next item illustrates the sarcasm level of Cards Against Humanity and its related products.

The Cards Against Humanity, bigger, blacker box is just that, a box.  Like Catan, Cards Against Humanity is a single game whose popularity grew, so the makers expanded the game.  The bigger, blacker box is exactly what you need to hold those extra cards.

Uno without Rules

Dutch Blitz is like Uno with a twist.  The twist is that you don’t take turns.  Instead, you try to be the first person to get rid of your cards by being faster than the other players.

The original game has four players, but with this expansion pack version, up to 8 people can play.  

Othello anyone?

An oldie, but a goodie.  For nights when the gang is busy or you prefer a night without the gang, Othello gives you a bit of strategic nostalgia for those quieter game nights.

Scrabble, a classic board game that lives on

Speaking of oldies, Scrabble was invented by an out of work architect in 1933.  He finally got his game to the market in 1938, and people are still playing it 120 years later with over 150 million Scrabble games sold.

While not a favorite for the spelling challenged, Scrabble is a dictionary’s and now Google’s best friend.  Scrabble on!

The Game of Life

I loved playing the Game of Life when I was younger.  Honestly, I still like it.  When I was younger, though, my parents wouldn’t buy it.  I never knew why, and maybe that’s why I made sure my children had this.  It’s nice to know they still like it.

As a parent, I saw the potential to show my children how to make better life decisions.  Of course my children preferred to taunt me by taking ridiculous chances and still winning the game.  No wonder it made the list.  The Game of Life makes everyone happy.


Strategy games are obviously popular on this list and Clue certainly fits the bill.  Through a series of trips through a mansion and a process of elimination, you find the killer.  Like many other games listed, Clue was so popular it inspired offshoots like a Harry Potter version where you play as your favorite Hogwart’s student and a Game of Thrones edition that features a double sided board and six different characters on each side.

Connect Four

Connect Four was one of the most popular games in our house.  I don’t know if it was because the game is colorful, strategic, loud or all of the above.  What I do know is that it is still a favorite and made the list of board games to buy your college student.

Any more board games to add?

So, do you or your college aged children or friends have any other great board games to add?  While this list is highly subjective, it makes me happy to see college students enjoying classic board games, especially when they could choose video games at any time.  Want more great content like this?  Want to hang out with people who look for the good in life?  Sign up below for our email community.  Each week we focus on how to live your best life and let the rest go.  Until next time, keep Moving Toward Better!