30 Days of Thanks

By Karen Bemmes

Moving Toward Better

I know talking about the holidays makes some people’s skin crawl and maybe you’re one of them.  Thanksgiving in the US is three weeks away and you feel anything but thankful.  Christmas is a little over seven weeks away and you feel anything but jolly.  You wonder how some people are so freaking happy during the holidays while others are miserable.  You want to be one of the thankful, but right now, you’re one of the stressed.  That’s part of the reason I began 30 days of Thanks in November.  It changed my view of the holidays and life in general.

Why 30 Days of Thanks?

Everyone has challenges, especially during the holidays.  Some rise to them.  Some whine through them, and some run from them entirely.  The problem with whining and running is nothing changes.  The same challenges show up over and over until we deal with and master them.  Have you ever noticed that? We imagine a perfect holiday season, and then we look at our finances, our home or our relationships and the perfection we imagine seems impossible, which sends us spiraling downward.  The truth is that everyone has challenges, but changing how we approach the challenge can be the difference between a holiday season of stress and angst or one of peace, joy and thankfulness.  30 days of Thanks helps me have more peace and enjoy the season more than I thought possible

But what if I fail?

I understand failure, stress and angst.  It took three tries to write my book Happiest Holidays about the journey from disastrous to delightful holidays.  Am I a failure?  Some might say yes, but the vision for the book got bigger each time I attempted writing it, so I postponed it.  Other books got written instead, and I honed my holiday skills.  That’s real life.  I am thankful for it, and the book is better because of it.  I even included a section to help you create your own 30 days of Thanks.

So how does 30 days of Thanks work?

Quite simply this works any way you want it to.  Maybe you take a few minutes each morning or each evening to think about the things you’re grateful for.  Maybe, like me, you begin to write them down.  For me, that daily writing turned into a daily posting, first on my personal Facebook page and then on my Moving Toward Better Page when it was under another name.  My plan is to post again every day this year on social media with today being the first day.  Knowing me, I may not succeed in posting every day, but I will most certainly succeed in being grateful, and that’s what the 30 days of Thanks is designed to do, to make each person stop for a moment and be grateful for all you have.

Your Invitation to join 30 days of Thanks

I hope you find peace, joy, love and grace every day of this season.  Will there still be issues?  Of course.  Will people still get under your skin?  Probably, but hopefully not as much or as badly.  This season is about you having your best holiday season so far.  That’s what I wish for you not only for the next several weeks, but for the rest of your life.  Want a step by step guide to get you through the holidays? Join the Moving Toward Better email community for even more inspiration for the holiday season and beyond and check below for ways to improve your Thanksgiving.

By signing up, you’ll also have access to a special price on the Happiest Holidays Bundle, which includes the Happiest Holidays Joy Journal, my favorite organizational tool for the holidays.  Your purchase will also give you access to the Happiest Holidays private Facebook group and for other opportunities to make your holiday season the best possible. Trust me.  There are some awesome gifts coming your way when you sign up.  

Thanksgiving Recipes

As a little bonus, I’ve created several recipes to make your Thanksgiving easier and more streamlined.  No matter what your plans, you can add one of these recipes and add some deliciousness to the Thanksgiving table.  You can choose from the recipes below.  Welcome to 30 days of Thanks and thank you for being part of our community.  Especially during this holiday season, remember to live your best life and let the rest go.